Parent Letter

Dear Parents,

Camp is quickly approaching! Our staff is busy getting ready to greet your children and make this the best summer ever.In May you will receive your camp packet containing important information to help get your children ready for camp. In the interim, please help us by reviewing the following important information:

Please Respect our mandatory bus ridership for ages 4+. Due to traffic issues on Lake Avenue, the town has requested for us to have the majority of campers arrive by bus. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter so that we can continue to use the Carmel Academy campus each summer. Thank you, camp families!

· Buses will be arriving at camp between 8:45 and 9:00.

· Mini Gan campers: Please arrive between 9:25 and 9:35 ONLY at the Lake Avenue entrance.

· Juniors under age 4, please arrive between 8:45 and 9:00 ONLY at the Lake Avenue entrance.

· No car arrival on campus is permitted between 9:00 and 9:25. If your child misses the bus or has an early doctor’s appointment, please arrive AFTER 9:30 am.


When: Monday, June 20 – Wednesday, June 22 from 9:00am-1:00 pm and Sunday, June 26th 3:00-5:00 at our Camp Orientation

Where: Chabad of Greenwich, 75 Mason Street – Greenwich, CT (except Sunday which will be at camp, 270 Lake Ave)



When: Sunday, June 26th
Where: 270 Lake Avenue – Greenwich, CT
Time: 3:00 to 5:00pm

What to Expect at the Family Orientation:

  • 3:00-3:30 – Camp Presentation for all camp families – Meet the Head Staff and hear what is new at camp this summer! Building 14, Multi-purpose Room.
  • 3:30 pm Icebreakers with your Bunkmates and Counselors
  • 4:00 pm Family Softball Game – Fun and softball for everyone!
  • You and your children will meet many of the counselors and staff
  • Camp T-shirts, water bottles, hats & backpacks will be available for pick-up or purchase
  • Camp Gan Tennis Staff will be on the courts – come try out our tennis program
  • Get to know your way around Camp Gan and meet other camp families
  • Our camp nurse Margo Warum will be available for medication drop-off and to answer any questions.
  • Our Aquatics Director, Faryn Goidel will be on-site to answer your questions.
  • Mini-Gan Campers meet their counselors, visit their classrooms and make a craft.
  • Mini-Gan Parents’ Orientation with Director Chani Feldman is Monday and Tuesday, June 30 and 7/1 from 10:00-10:30 am


IMPORTANT INFORMATION………………………………………………………………

1. CAMP FORMS If you have not done so already, please send in your camp forms as soon as possible. Your child cannot attend Camp Gan without a completed and signed Medical Form. The health examination must be completed on an annual basis. ALL FORMS ARE AVAILABLE ON YOUR CAMPMINDER ACCOUNT.

2. CAMP PAYMENT is required in full prior to the start of camp. No child can begin camp without full tuition payment. Please respect our policy!

3. BUNK COUNSELORS assignments will be posted on our website, on Friday afternoon, June 24th.

4. COMMUNICATIONS Please check our website, daily for the latest camp information. Twice a week, a newsletter is emailed to you and posted on our website to inform you of events going on at camp. Every Sunday morning, a weekly camp reminder email is sent highlighting the calendar for the week. Please “LIKE” us on Facebook by following this link – to obtain the latest information about the camp.

5. WHEN TO CALL THE OFFICE (203)-869-5486:

  • If you have any questions or concerns, our office staff – Maruja Ivri and Daniella Lazarus will assist you. If you need to speak with a Director, Division Head, or Counselor, during the camp day, the office staff will give them a message. Your call will be returned within 24 hours. As we are a “cell phone free” camp, staff members will not be checking emails or texts during camp hours. Please see the important contact information.
  • If your child is absent – (if your child rides the bus, please call the bus monitor as well.)
  • If your child will be late or will be leaving early.
  • If your child misses the bus or has an early doctor’s appointment, car drop-off is after 9:30 am ONLY!
  • If you have arranged alternate arrival or dismissal plans for your child. Any changes in dismissal must be called in or emailed to Maruja by 1:00 pm.


  • Label all clothing with the camper’s first and last names.
  • Camp T-shirts must be worn daily.
  • Children 4+ must bring a full water bottle and holder to camp daily. Each camper receives his own Camp Gan Israel bottle and holder at T-shirt pick-up days.
  • Children must wear sneakers to camp.
  • Children must wear pool shoes AND a swim cover-up when walking to the swimming pool and water activities.
  • Please send your child with a swim-suit, towel, swim robe or cover-up and pool shoes (flip-flops, etc.) daily.



1. Arrival is between 9:25 and 9:35 ONLY. When driving your Mini Ganers and their siblings to camp each day, use the 270 Lake Avenue entrance only. Please place the enclosed sign on the left-hand side of your dashboard for security. The security guard will direct you as to where to park. Walk your child to their Mini Gan classroom.

2. If your Mini Gan camper is arriving by bus between 8:45 and 9:00, they will be greeted by a Mini Gan counselor who will take them to their first activity while waiting for their campmates at the 9:30 am arrival.

3. Afternoon pick-up is at 1:15 pm. Please have your sign in the left-hand side of dashboard for security. The security guard will direct you as to where to park. Pick-up your child from their classroom and hear about their wonderful day!

4. Toddlers should bring a swimsuit, swim shoes and towel daily.

5. Children must wear sneakers or rubber-soled shoes – For your child’s safety, no sandals or open-toe shoes are allowed at any time.

6. Swimming Diapers: For hygienic reasons, children who are not toilet trained must have a supply of swim diapers at camp.

7. On the first day of camp, please send a box with a change of clothing, diapers, and wipes (if not toilet trained) marked with the child’s name.

8. Camp T-shirts must be worn daily. Please label all clothing.

9. Please dress your child in comfortable washable clothes appropriate for camp activities. If you wish, you may bring in a smock marked with your child’s name. We use washable art materials whenever possible, but with or without smocks, expect your child’s clothes to get dirty!


JUNIOR AGE 4 REMINDERS………………………………….

1. On the first day of camp, please send a box or a zip-lock bag with a change of clothing marked with your child’s name.

2. Family orientation on Sunday is the time to meet all counselors. Please send your child on the bus beginning the very first day of camp.

3. Please send your child in their bathing suits as they will be swimming in the morning.

4. Juniors (under age 4) Arrival by car:

a. Arrival is between 8:45 and 9:00 ONLY. Please use the 270 Lake Avenue entrance only. Please place the enclosed sign the left-hand side of the dashboard for security. Let security know whether you will be dropping off or parking.

b. Drop-Off Option – If you choose to drop off your child on the carpool line, a staff member greets your child at the car and escorts them to the Junior Division tents to begin an amazing day!

c. Parking Option – You may park and escort your child to their tent. The security guard will direct you as to where to park.

5. Half-Day Dismissal for all Junior 4’s: Please arrive between 1:00 and 1:15 to pick-up your child. Place your security/carpool card on the LEFT-HAND dashboard window. The security guard will direct you where to park. Please proceed to the tents to pick-up your child.

6. Juniors (under age 4) 3:30 pm dismissal by car: Please arrive between 3:30 and 3:40. Place your security/carpool card on the LEFT-HAND dashboard window. Children enter the car on the passenger side only; please keep this in mind when adjusting car seats. Please follow cones, signs, and staff to the designated stop area. A staff member places your child in the car. For the children’s safety, please remain in your car at all times and follow the directions of the traffic staff! If you need to speak with a staff member, please call our camp office and a staff member will return your call once all campers have been safely sent home.

7. (See below for Bus transportation)



1. Mini Gan families and Juniors under age 4, will be issued a security/carpool card. Please write your child (ren)’s last name and bunk(s) in the spaces indicated. Place this card on the left-hand side of your dashboard whenever you enter the camp.

2. All other camp families, our security guard will stop every vehicle. You will be asked to sign-in and to wear a security badge.


BUS TRANSPORTATION…………………………………………………….

BUS schedules and a list of bus rules are enclosed. Please go over these rules with your child. Bus monitors call you before the start of camp to introduce themselves and to let you know the date and time of the Practice Bus Run (if you choose to meet the bus monitor and driver prior to camp).

· Please notify your bus monitor and the camp office when your child is not taking the bus.

· If your child misses the bus or if they have an early doctor’s appointment, please arrive after 9:30.

· Morning Bus Pick-Up – When the bus arrives at camp, staff members greet your child. Mini Gan campers are escorted to their Mini Gan classroom. Junior Division campers are escorted to the Junior Division tents. Boys ages 6 and up proceed to the courtyard for the line-up. Girls age 6 and up proceed to the tennis courts for the line-up.

· Afternoon Bus Drop-Off – Please arrive at the bus stop on time to greet your child. All parents must sign-out their child. NO CHILD IS ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE BUS STOP UNESCORTED.


EARLY PICK-UP……………………………………………………………

· Please call the camp office or email to indicate the time that your child is to be picked up.

· When you arrive at camp, the security guard will stop your car. He/she issues you a pass and radios the office of your arrival.

· Follow the directions of the security guard as to where to park. Proceed to the office for sign-out. Do not go directly to your child.

· Once you arrive in the camp office, he/she is retrieved from their group and brought to the office. No campers wait in the office prior to their parent’s arrival. No campers are released to ANYONE without written permission from the office first.


OTHER INFORMATION…………………………………………………..

1. NURSE: If you need to speak with our camp nurse before camp begins, please email Maruja at and she will put you in touch.

2. SUNSCREEN: Please apply sunscreen on your child each morning. If you would like staff to reapply lotion during the day, please send your child with sunscreen labeled with their name. Spray-on sunscreen is highly recommended. The sunscreen will be stored at camp. As part of signing the registration form, you have given CGI permission to assist your child in reapplying sunscreen during the camp day.

3. AQUATICS DIRECTOR: We are in the process of hiring a new aquatics director and will post the information shortly. Please call Maruja at 203-629-9059 x22 or email with any questions.

4. PETS are not allowed on campgrounds at any time.

5. WEAPONS or facsimiles are NOT allowed on campgrounds including dress-up days.




Camp Administrator

Maruja Ivri

203-869-5486 (summer)
203-629-9059 (off-season)

Camp Director

Maryashie Deren


Mini-Gan Director

Chani Feldman


Boys’ Division Head

Pinny Margolis


Program Director

Elisa Akrongold


Athletic Director

Kevin Brunelle


Other division heads will be posted shortly.

Warm Regards,

Maryashie and Maruja